07.10.2015 ~ Fall outfits inspiration


Outfit 1: 

Outfit 2: 

Outfit 3:

 Outfit 4:

Outfit 5:

Outfit 6:

Hello, today i made six different fall outfits, i picked up the products on two websites that i love a lot, the first one is LucLuc, i'm in cooperation with them and the second one is Style Raiders, i'm not in cooperation with this one but i love a lot their products so i would like to show you some of their shoes, bags and accessories. I hope you'll like all these outfits, i didn't put tights or socks on skirts/shorts/dress outfits because i didn't find pictures i love. But i think it can be perfect with high socks! If you like these kind of posts say it to me and i will make more :) 

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