24.08.2014 ~ The Liebster Award!


Hi guys !
I'm back today with the Liebster Award, I've been nominated by Jill from owlishdreams  and Jessica from  jessthegrrl. for this award.
Thank you so much it's make me very happy and i don't expect it :)
So here we go! 

The rules

1. Link back to the person that nominated you for the award
2. You must write 11 facts about yourself so people can learn more about you.
3. You also have to answer the 11 questions given by the nominator
4. After completing this, you should nominate 11 other bloggers that have under 200 followers and then give them 11 questions of your choice. However, you cannot nominate your nominator 
5. You have to let your nominees know that they've been nominated and give them access to the link to find out more about the award.

11 facts about me. 

1. My favorite movie is Dancer in the dark by Lars Von Trier.
2. I'm French, students in arts, I live in Bordeaux. So my English is not very good. 
3. I hope to spend a year abroad after graduation. I would like to go to London, Australia or the United States, to improve my English. 
4. I am passionate about drawing, music, photography, cinema and of course fashion and beauty.
5. I'm obsessed with shoes, I think I'll never stop to buy shoes. 
6. I love pets, but I am very afraid of spiders and crawling insects. I also have a phobia of vomit, I know it's weird.
7. I'm skinny but I eat a lot and yet I love the food sooooo much. Chocolate is my life! 8D 
8. I like lots of different styles of music like Indie music, Trance, Folk or even the bitches music as I like call them as Britney etc (I really like britney haha). I love so much Ellie Goulding, Daughter, Rone too and so much other singer! 
9. I love Asian culture, Japanese and Korean culture. For a time I listened to a lot of Visual Kei, J-rock and even Kpop, and I wanted to be Gothic Lolita. I still love this style and more Harajuku fashion but I don't know if i could again dress like that.
10. And of course go to Japan is my most important dream and I would also go to South Korea. 
11. I like to do party with my friends and they are the most important people for  me with my family and my boyfriend.

My 11 Nominees 

10. Marie Helen - http://usesore.blogspot.fr/

Jill's Questions 

1. Which country would you love to visit the most?
Japan unhesitatingly.
2. What's your favourite band/musical artist?
I could not tell exact name but I absolutely love Archive, Rone, Ellie Goulding...
3. What is your favourite kind of posts to make/write?
I don't write very much on my blog because I just do lookbook so I don't really know what I prefer to write. 
4. And what is your favourite kind of post to read?
I love so much reviews.
5. Do you have a role model? Who is it?
I don't have one model I think. I absolutely love Luana from Le Happy, Jen from the youtube channel clothesencounters, and Claire Marshall.
6. What was the last book you read?
Looking for Alaska by John Green.
7. What is your most precious posession?
I think it's my Chunky Boots from Chicwhish, and some of my jewellery.
8. What do you love most about blogging?
Share my taste in fashion. And meet people who have the same interests as me.
9. Coffee or tea? (or hot chocolate?)
I don't like tea and coffee so hot chocolate :D
10. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
I don't know what's the craziest thing I could do because I did a lot of weird things, like eating cat food (for fun huh), move panels work by blocking a street, go in the pool of a building at night and lots of other things I could do with my friends.
11. Describe yourself with two words!
Red and Crazy. 

Jessica's questions:

1. What fashion apparels is a must for your everyday wear?
High waist pants with crop top!
2. What is your favourite street brand?
I don't know really what is street brands, but I like Forever21, Urban Outfitters and New Look.
3. Who is your celebrity crush?
Aaaarg so much people! For Boys, Young Léonardo Dicaprio, Tylor Blackburn and for girls Scarlett Johanson, Keira Knightley and Liv Tyler etc etc etc 8D 
4. One thing that you about yourself that you define as weird.
It's not so weird but I'm obsessed with shoes for over a year, whereas before I didn't care.
5. What is the silliest thing that you had ever did in your life?
I think I can answer the same thing for "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?"
6. What do you do when you encounter a big cockroach?
I see my friends, I spend time with my boyfriend and I eat a looooot.
7. What your favorite kind of music genre?
8. Where would you like to live in?
London or New York.
9. What is the thing you love most above bloggin?
I answered the question right above ;)
10. What would you do if you are stranded in an island?
I would try to escape haha. 
11. A word to summarise yourself.
Happy :D

My questions

1. What is the most essential piece in your wardrobe?
2. What is you favorite kind of food? 
3. What's your favorite pair of shoes? 
4. What would you rather do with your friends?
5. Describe your perfect party? 
6. Your favorite makeup product? 
7. If you could change one thing in your character what would it be? 
8. What is your favorite series? 
9. Your favorite movie? 
10. What you could never eat? 
11. Describe yourself with a song! 

Hope you enjoyed :D 

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