03.05.2014 ~ April Favorites.


Today I'm going to show you my April favorites, so lets go!


The naked basics palette that I use every day for my daily makeup.

A nyx lipstick in a nude color, it's a super cute color.

A Revlon Colorbust in mat texture, it's a very beautiful neon red! 

And one of my new fondation, the Rimmel match perfection in 010 ligth porcelain. I love this fondation so much, it gives a very natural finish. 


A cleansing gel from Neutrogena for oily skin, it work very well on me.

And a shower gel from Treacle Moon, who smell sooooo good! 


A hair mask from Syoss, it makes hair very shine and repair. 


This cute candle from Yankee Candle, in the soft blanket smell, i love it so much! 

That's it for my April favorite, if you have some questions don't hesitate to ask me in the comments bellow. 
If you have some recomandation of articles i can do say it to me. 
See you later :D 

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